Cheers to 50 years of Hip Hop with PUMA! We were honored to lead the charge for their latest Suede campaign – a heartfelt tribute to a culture that rose from the underground and now resonates on every corner of the globe.

Our mission? To transport you back to those iconic album covers and the raw essence of Hip Hop’s beginnings. We took the creative reins, handling everything from direction and design to production. It was a journey deep into the culture’s roots, capturing its very soul in visuals that hit you right in the feels.

This campaign wasn’t just about sneakers; it was about celebrating a phenomenon that’s changed the world. PUMA’s unwavering presence in the Hip Hop scene was front and center. From block parties to global stages, Hip Hop’s influence knows no bounds, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in paying homage to that remarkable journey.

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