MADD (Master in Data and Design) Campaign ––

MADD is the Masters degree in Data & Design at Elisava University. Every year, together with Domestic Data Streamers, we carry out the strategy and the campaign for the promotion of the degree. We sought a type of communication as rational as disruptive, where future students would have the feeling of beginning a course where they could talk about what is happening in the world with new languages ​​and optics.

In this world of flat-earthers and “alternative facts”, transforming data into understandable and honest information is a matter of societal survival. Our Master in Data Design is a hands-on experience harnessing data for crafting information and making a change.


So, now that we’ve access to almost everything, anywhere, anytime… Do we know the world any better? We’ve generated, collected and stored more data last year than in the 5.000 previous years of recorded human history. We didn’t have the technology to register reality like that (or for as much selfie), but now we do. And we are suckers for it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean  that our societies are  better informed. Data alone masks the reality it describes, blurs meaning  and dumbs down emotions. Hard to figure out what two degrees of average temperature rise means, or a transmission rate of 1.5… or one million deaths, for that matter.

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