Intermon Oxfam — Interactive Experience ––

Inequality is usually a problem linked to luck, a matter of immovable circumstances out of control (like gender) that allows no social mobility and injustice.

NGO Oxfam Intermón releases a yearly report on this problem, and helps creating a world without poverty and an unfair distribution of opportunities, money and basic needs. This annual report is fulfilled of ultra detailed data and conclusions hardly understandable.

Along with Domestic Data Streamers we developed a campaign for NGO Oxfam to make all this information closer to emotional feelings and more relatable. Our aim was to allow lucky people to feel like the more disadvantaged.


On a first step, we created a commercial that reflects on decisions that as privileged citizens we easily make. This decisions, such as having a warm house, choosing a degree or even deciding which shoes you want sometimes covers the unlucky situations of people surrounding us. Graphicly, we played with infoxication, as the content evolves, we are unable to watch it, as it happens with our lucky lives in front of the unlucky ones. We took all information from the report and explain it in way that audience could engage more.


Moreover, we also hacked a real-life (privileged) experience to make a lucky group of people experience the fate of the most disadvantaged in an emotional way. We created a life data visualization in a cinema room to explain the report results using sound, image and light. The people involved we presented with the data in a way that they would feel inequality in their own life, understanding the big component of fate in it.