Huspy is an online platform currently innovating in the world of real estate by enhancing the human side of purchasing a home and gathering all key parties of the ecosystem: home buyers, agents and mortgage brokers.

To reposition the company as game changers, we worked on a rebranding that highlighted both the human and the ‘techy’ side of Huspy. The visual identity, the tone of voice and the brand narrative are condensed by this conception of the brand, where a disruptive vision of their business merges with something as paramount as finding a new home to live in.


Given that Huspy has three different audiences, we developed a visual identity able to impact each target accordingly. As a starting point, we took the very thing that all houses have in common: the floor plan. This way, the visual identity can evolve from organic and human shapes (for Home buyers) to more squared and techy applications (for real estate agents and mortgage brokers).




To ensure the new identity was aligned in all digital platforms and channels of the brand, we designed a movement system to add coherence and consistency on every touchpoint.


Showcasing Huspy’s new round of investment, we produced this Brand Video where the rebranding came to life in all its potential.

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