Flappin'® Rebrand ––

Flappin is a brand that offers surprise trips and experiences throughout Europe. They approached us to work on their rebranding. 

In order to rethink the brand in the best possible way, we started by identifying conventions from their competitors / business in order to subvert them. This led us to learn that there is a common lack of depth and care within the industry, topped with outdated (moldy even) identities.

The essence of the brand (and its offer) was translated into the concept “live more, plan less”. Living more has to do with the thrill of purchasing a surprise experience without knowing what your final destination will be – a taste for the unexpected within our overly calculated routines. Planning less, on the other hand, has to do with the fine tailoring that the brand dedicates to each experience, making sure no detail is left unattended.

In alignment with the brand concept, we devised a colorful graphic system that draws inspiration from the idea of happenstance. The system is rooted on revolving cards, reminiscent of a spinning globe, and topped by a new dynamic logo that looks ready to “flap away” at any given moment.

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