The future is not about resurrecting Freud, implementing wifi on our teeth or projecting films on the moon’s surface – the future has to do with being able to live a better life, today, in our beloved city of Barcelona.

We created a campaign for Barcelona’s City Council in which we communicated several social initiatives that are already being implemented for the benefit of all citizens. The campaign was featured on OPIs, TV and radio spots.

With a humorous approach, the assets confronted a dystopian, absurd idea of the future with a grounded, attainable and socially-conscious one. The services announced (i.e. free psychological assistance or energy optimisations on every home) will surely seem obvious for most cities in a matter of years, but they are already a reality in Barcelona.


The art direction also plays with this confrontation of futures by proposing two different visual styles. The irresponsible and dystopian idea of the future is full of 3D shapes and motion graphics referencing cult sci-fi movies and vintage video games while the attainable future displays a more human, organic and clean aesthetic.

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