Concept Barre® — Campaign ––

Concept Barre is committed to a demanding and mindful type of exercise. Their idea is to achieve a healthier lifestyle without compromising the fun factor. A fusion of ballet, functional training, and Pilates, the bar itself is both a distinctive element of the classes and the brand.

Using the bar as a main element and guide, the identity is further complemented by a bold yet sporty typography & color palette that achieves compositional balance in harmony with the Brand Concept: “An axis of stability.”

In terms of tone of voice and positioning, we structured the brand around a series of core beliefs and key messages dealing with the pursuit of self-confidence, the right balance between fitness and leisure and (above all) a strong philosophy of inclusivity that positioned Concept Barre as the first ever openly LGTBI+ friendly Barre studio. A place where all bodies and all genders will always be welcomed.

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