Beats by US — Brand identity ––

We rebranded BeatsxUs, a cultural initiative focused on promoting woman’s presence and recognition in both spanish beatmaker scene and the urban music industry. The whole identity is based on the 7 musical notes, making it as eclectic and diverse as music can be.


Each letter of BEATS has 7 different typefaces. As a result, there’s more than 35.000 possible applications.


To keep on following the number of musical notes, we’ve designed 7 different shapes as complements of the whole branding system.


The obsessive idea with 7 finishes in the election of 7 different corporative colors, always combined with black.

The system allows us to create a wide range of graphic needs: cards, posters, web and digital applications.

All digitals platforms are covered: web, Instagram, Instagram Stories, avatar and chyrons.