Barraquer — Video campaign ––

Campaign to celebrate the 80 years of Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre. The Barraquer family is known for its philanthropy and its dedication to eye investigation. Over the years, the clinic has strengthened itself as a reference both nationally and worldwide. The tone of this piece, clearly celebrating and comic, draws from the incredible charisma of the Barraquer family who managed to pass on their human qualities to the treatment their patients are given. 


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We bet on a cinematographic treatment which takes inspiration from the cinema from the 70s and that goes in line with both the architecture and the interior design of the clinic.

On the design side, we used references such as optical tests, retrofuturist aesthetics, iconography of video cameras (which are a mechanical representation of human-eye), and iconography of the tools used by the ophthalmologists in the past.