Badi — Out of home Campaign ––

Badi asked us to create a campaign for the launch of its new feature. If so far the application has been focusing on connecting people and rooms, now it matches as well people and flats. Tired of seeing that most of the real estate brands keep on selling the flat hunting process as if it was a piece of cake, we bet on a radically honest campaign for Badi.

Through crossing out, underlines, asterisks and some more explanations, the messages of this new campaign are a boycott to the idealised advertising, also to the one of Badi itself, in order to position it as the brand that finally talks openly about the hell it can mean to find a great place to live in.

The campaign uses humor and irony to demystify the real estate industry, bringing Badi closer to consumers’ reality and positioning the brand as facilitator and not as the solution of many unavoidable problems.