F135 Road Movie
F135 Road Movie

We went on a road trip. We met four friends. We shot a road movie. We did it with our…


Motion Graphics for Bet4Talent, a brand new Startup focused on Talent Acquisition for the new technologies sector. Their goal is…

PlayGround Magazine Rebrand
PlayGround Magazine Rebrand

Concept and design of the new visual identity of PlayGround magazine with Dani Zomeño and Pau Bonet  

<strong>El sueño de Gon Feti</strong>
El sueño de Gon Feti

An advertisement in form of a short fiction. A false documentary about a truly crazy man and 50 Kilos of…


Without risk there isn’t change. Without risk there isn’t a path, there’s nothing to learn, there isn’t progress. Title sequence…


Video Of The Day Winner -VOTD.TV “3982″ was born from IBCO and Ayoub Qanir with the goal of creating a…

<strong>Capitrade CTA</strong>
Capitrade CTA

Motion graphics in collaboration with graphic design studio Forma&Co. The video goes to professionals of financial stocks sector. We synthesized 1h…

<bold>Story about roots</bold>
Story about roots

Director’s cut of a project for client that never went out. This is the story.   Idea original. Codea Studio…

<strong> Toda la verdad sobre el cierre de ElRow Viladecans </strong>
Toda la verdad sobre el cierre de ElRow Viladecans

Laus de Plata 2015 en categoria Virales / Branded Content We took advantage of the polemics surrounding the closing of…

<strong>Grain Supply Co x Yoko Honda</strong>
Grain Supply Co x Yoko Honda

Fashion film for Grain Supply Co x Yoko Honda swimsuit collection. Enjoy summer. Directed and produced by Codea Featuring: Jessica…

<strong> Mayo en KER Club Barcelona </strong>
Mayo en KER Club Barcelona

El primero de una serie de títulos de crédito mensuales, anunciando el line up de cada mes en Ker Barcelona.

<strong>ElRow Internet Spots </strong>
ElRow Internet Spots

Cápsulas para publicitar las fiestas mensuales de la fiesta ElRow.